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A Virtual Company, managed by Lowell W Lutz -- Internet-based consulting for businesses, organizations, & individuals. Now proud to offer training & seminars to the public about how to use the internet & the web for business & leisure.

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This is an information page, not a fancy example page. We try to put our effort where it "pays" -- your business!
1 Cybers Place SMIf you build it, will they come?
1 Cybers Place SMSome Specialties:Internet/WWWeb site development thrives on creativity, spontaneity, & interactivity -- we've got all 3!

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Web Marketing Quote:

"If your delivery medium was water, broadcasting (TV radio) would be like using a big hose to spray a crowd of prospects, hoping some of them will enjoy getting wet. Narrowcasting (a term used by producers of specialized cable TV programs) is like using a smaller hose & only aiming it at people who have already expressed an interest in getting wet. Cybercasting (marketing on-line) is the act of creating a pond of water in cyberspace, telling people that you now have a pond, & inviting them to come for a swim. Prospects can visit your pond anytime they want, stay as long as they want, and dive in as deeply as they want. The extent to which they immerse themselves in your pond is determined completely by their own personal interest"

Source: Kristin Zhivago, Marketing Technology Newsletter

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