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We are proud to offer One-On-One Consulting (instead of seminars) to the public about how to use the internet & the web for business & leisure. Call for information: 713-849-0944 or send mailto:llutz@consultant.com
  1. This is your Business on the Internet. Any questions?
    First One-On-One Consult: An introduction to using the Internet for your Small Business.
    Includes: Cost: $130 two hours

  2. Phase II: How to Create an Internet Marketing Plan
    Basic Marketing: Can people find you?
    Includes: Cost: $130 two hours

  3. Basic Web Site Design: Start to Finish?
    Includes: Are you interested? Let us know.

  4. More Ways to Make Money on the 'Net Are you interested? Let us know.

In Depth One-On-One Consultations on most any topic, expecially
  1. Individual Search Engines, Directories, etc.
  2. Banner Advertising
  3. Web Page Design
  4. Business Intelligence
  5. Name Your Topic
Are you interested? Let us know.

I'll help you get on the WWWeb and in the 21st century...

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