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  1. A Lutz 29jun96
  2. Adelle Lutz actress, press release
  3. Aileen Marie Lutz Allison Park, PA 29jan97
  4. Al Lutz Upland, CA
  5. Al F Lutz Upland, CA
  6. Alan Lutz Dallas, TX 30jan97 {brother of Barry}
  7. Alan Hayes Lutz University Park, PA
  8. Alan O Lutz
  9. Alexander "Alex" Lutz Rodalben, Germany (about 20 km from the French border) {an ancestor born in the early 18th century in Weselberg -- Johann Adam Lutz} 3feb97
  10. Alexander J Lutz San Diego, CA
  11. Alison Coogan Lutz State College, PA
  12. Allen Lutz VA
  13. Allen Robert Lutz North Riverside, IL
  14. Alois Lutz -- for whom the lutz Figure Skating move was named
  15. Amanda Nadine Lutz Petrolia, Ontario, Canada 18apr97
  16. Amber Marie Lutz Des Moines, IA
  17. Amy Mae Lutz PA
  18. Andre Lutz Stuttgart, Germany
  19. Andreas Lutz PA [check al34+]
  20. Andrew E Lutz Livermore, CA
  21. Andrew G Lutz PA
  22. Andrew Wayne Lutz
  23. Andy Lutz
  24. Andy A Lutz San Diego, CA
  25. Angela Kay Lutz Butler, MO
  26. Anita Marie Lutz Circleville, OH 3mar97
  27. Ann Marie Lutz Canada
  28. Anne (Lutz) Thorne Orlando, FL 22nov96 {daughter of Robert Lutz sister of Jon Lutz
  29. Anne Coupe-Lutz (old South Africa
  30. Anne Marie Lutz Orsay, Cedex, France
  31. Antonia Lutz
  32. Anthony "Tosh" Joseph Lutz Brampton, Ontario, Canada (now in Windsor, Ontario for school) 6jan98 [more]
  33. Arthur Jacques Lutz Bristol University (UK), home town is Paris, France 27Nov98
  34. Arona J Lutz Atlanta, GA 12feb97 {a twin sister at Alabama & an older sister too} [more]


  35. Barbara Lutz Austria
  36. Barbara J Lutz [check lutzbarb]
  37. Barbara M Lutz
  38. Barry L Lutz, PhD Flagstaff, AZ
  39. Barry Richard Lutz Vancouver, WA 30jan97 {husband of Kathy, father of Dale, brother of Alan Lutz} [more]
  40. Beat Lutz Lutz& Berne, Switzerland 22may96
  41. Benda Lutz-Werke Austria
  42. Bernd Lutz, PhD Denver, CO
  43. Bernd Lutz Darmstadt Germany 10apr97
  44. Bernhard Lutz LUTZ.B.123295@ASQCNET.ORG Charlotte, NC [from Austria 10+ years ago]
  45. Beth Lutz Citrus Heights, CA (Sacramento) {wife of Steve, mother of Jaimee}
  46. Beth A Lutz PA
  47. Betsy S (Lutz) Cupp Butler, PA {daughter of Robert Franklin Lutz (now deceased)}
  48. Beverly A Lutz Minneapolis, MN
  49. Beverly A (Lutz) Morse Vero Beach, FL 25jul96 {sister of Kaye V (Lutz) Benne, sister-in-law of Sonja Lutz sister of Kenneth Earl Lutz Jr, daughter of Kenneth Earl Lutz Sr, who descended from Edward Charles Lutz Alexander Buford Lutz, George Lutz, John (Johann) Lutz VII who immigrated from Darmstadt, Germany}
  50. Bill Lutz Zephyrhills, FL
  51. Bob Lutz
  52. Bob Lutz
  53. Bob Lutz
  54. Bob Lutz
  55. Bonnie J Lutz
  56. Boris Lutz [old] Herrliberg, Switzerland aug97
  57. Bradley Joseph Memphis, TN 1feb97
  58. Brian Lutz
  59. Brian Lutz
  60. Brian J Lutz Cleveland, OH 1feb97
  61. Brian Joseph Lutz PA
  62. Brian L Lutz Evanston, IL
  63. Brion Lutz
  64. Brion Lutz
  65. Bruce Lutz
  66. Bruce Jeffrey Lutz Providence, RI [check bruce_lutz]
  67. Burkard Rudolf August Lutz Fuerstenfeldbruck, Bavaria, Germany (about 20 miles from Munich) 31jan97 [more]
  68. Burkhard Neidecker-Lutz Karlsruhe, Germany feb96


  69. C Janet "Jan" (Lutz) Foster Glasford, IL {daughter of Forest Owen Lutz (b.1903 in IL), granddaughter of Gertie Mae & Samual Earl Lutz, greatgranddaughter of William Henry Lutz (PA) & Mary Elizabeth (OH)}
  70. Carey M Lutz Green, OH
  71. Carson Anthony Lutz
  72. Carl A Lutz Clarksville, TN {son of Phillip A Lutz}
  73. Carol Lutz
  74. Carol Hopkins Lutz
  75. Caroline K Lutz Green, OH
  76. Carrie Lutz Nags Head, NC (from Washington, PA) {wife of Matthew Lutz} 2feb97
  77. Carsten Lutz Germany
  78. Carsten Lutz Germany
  79. Carsten Lutz Germany
  80. Carsten Lutz Germany
  81. Catherine Regina Lutz PA
  82. Catherine Lutz
  83. Charles A "Chuck" Lutz Oakland, CA may97
  84. Charles Gregory "Greg" Lutz LA (hometown Dayton, OH) 31jan97
  85. Charles J Lutz or Syracuse, NY
  86. Charles Michael "Chuck" Lutz 31jan97 [more]
  87. Charles P "Charlie" Lutz New Braunfels, TX {husband of Betty} 30jan97 [more]
  88. Charles T Lutz
  89. Charles T Lutz
  90. Charlie Lutz
  91. Charlie Lutz
  92. Chris A Lutz (work) or Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland {son of Theres C Lutz} 30jan97 [more]
  93. Christian B "Chris" Lutz Sr York Haven, PA 21oct96
  94. Christian Lutz 29apr97 [more]
  95. Christie J Lutz
  96. Christin Lutz
  97. Christina Elaine Lutz
  98. Christina Kerry Lutz PA
  99. Christina Marie Lutz
  100. Christine Ann Lutz
  101. Christine Marie Lutz PA
  102. Christine (Lutz) Fuller 10Oct98
  103. Christoph Switzerland 6jun96
  104. Christopher Lutz (GM, Elo 2560) Germany
  105. Christopher John "Chris" Lutz Honolulu, HA [check lutzman]
  106. Christopher M Lutz St Paul, MN [check lutz0022]
  107. Christopher Steven Lutz MO {son of Edwin Jacob, brother of Edwin Vincent} 17mar97
  108. Christy G Lutz OH
  109. Claudia Lutz Konstanz, Germany
  110. Clemens Lutz Groningen, Netherlands
  111. Colleen Ann Lutz State College, PA 9jan95
  112. Craig Lutz Japan
  113. Craig Lutz LUTZ.CRAIG@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV Dallas, TX
  114. Craig Lutz
  115. Curtis N "Curt" Lutz Des Moines, WA {Nephew of David H Lutz} 4mar98
  116. Cynthia J "Cindy" (Ickes) Lutz (old Houston, TX {mother of "Wayne", wife of Lowell (provider of this list)} [more]


  117. D Christopher Lutz Tawas, MI 26mar98
  118. DJ Lutz (old
  119. Dale Lutz Portland, OR 30jan97 {son of Barry}
  120. Dale Lutz Harrison, OH
  121. Dale Lutz 73777.1431@CompuServe.COM
  122. Dale Lutz
  123. Dale Allen Lutz Surrey, BC Canada (originally from Bruce, Alberta Canada) {My Grandparents were Germans living in what is now Poland before WWI relocated them a few times & they came here} 29may97
  124. Dale R Lutz Saint Paul, MN [more]
  125. Dan Lutz Kingston, Ontario 1jul96
  126. Dana Lutz Bealeton, VA 24mar97
  127. Daniel Alain Lutz Switzerland Geneva 19apr96
  128. Daniel H Lutz (old River Falls, WI *LOST*
  129. Daniel Matthew Lutz
  130. Danil Jacobus Lutz Stellenbosch, S Africa (runs a guest house called Eendracht, which means Unity) {brother of Erich} 8mar97
  131. Daniel Leon Lutz [check dl4a+]
  132. Danielle Marie Lutz
  133. Dann Lutz
  134. Darrell Todd Lutz
  135. Dave Lutz [check]
  136. David Lutz LUTZ.DAVID@EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV Durham, NC
  137. David Lutz
  138. David Lutz San Diego, CA
  139. David Lutz
  140. David Lutz
  141. David Lutz Australia
  142. David Lutz [check]
  143. David A Lutz Roseville, MN feb96
  144. David A Lutz (old Portland, OR 3feb97
  145. David B Lutz Washington, DC (from Abington, PA suburb of Philadelphia) {son of Gordon D Lutz brother of Wayne} 9feb97
  146. David Brian Lutz Toledo, OH {husband of Cynthia A Lutz, father of Anthony Brian Lutz & Bria Quinn Lutz} [check dlutz]
  147. David C "Dave" Lutz (old [check lutz] San Diego, CA 3feb97 [more]
  148. David H Lutz Stevens Point, WI {Uncle of Curtis N Lutz} mar98
  149. David Harold Lutz 16jan97
  150. David Jeffrey "Jeff" Lutz Houston, TX {husband of Michelle} 20dec96 [more]
  151. David L "Dave" Lutz Rochester, NY apr97 [check]
  152. David Raymond Lutz {old} Austin, TX feb97
  153. David Robert Lutz Ashfield, NSW Australia
  154. David S Lutz [check]
  155. David T Lutz [old] Chapel Hill, NC {Husband of Heather, father of Alexander Carder born 13apr97}
  156. David Thomas Lutz [old] Novato, CA
  157. Dawn Marie Lutz [old] {wife of Donald Ernest mother of Patrick Connor} Denver, CO 6jul97
  158. Dean Lutz
  159. Dean Waide Lutz
  160. Deanna Lutz Canada
  161. Debra Lutz IL
  162. Debra A Lutz WI {daughter of William J Lutz (deceased 1974), mother of BJ & Victoria} 5feb97
  163. Denise K Lutz Cheektowaga, NY
  164. Diana G Lutz Ames, IA
  165. Diana M Lutz Harrisburg, PA
  166. Diana M Lutz 103511.1412@Compuserve.Com Scranton, PA
  167. Diane Lutz
  168. Dick Lutz Salem, OR
  169. Dick Lutz 72260.20@Compuserve.Com NY, NY
  170. Dieter Lutz Mannheim Germany 27jun97
  171. Dieter Lutz 100715.737@Compuserve.Com Mannheim, Germany
  172. Dieter Lutz 100433.2146@Compuserve.Com Waldshut, Germany
  173. Dietmar Lutz 100662.514@Compuserve.Com Muehlacker, Germany
  174. Don Lutz Journal Sentinel 30may96 Milwaukee, WI {husband of Zita}
  175. Don Lutz
  176. Donald Lutz
  177. Donald A Lutz San Diego, CA
  178. Donald Ernest Lutz {husband of Dawn Marie, father of Patrick Connor} Denver, CO 6jul97
  179. Donna Lutz {wife of Joe} 3jun97
  180. Donna Schulze Lutz Ames, IA {wife of Monte, mother of Katie & Amanda}
  181. Douglas Donald Lutz or Allentown, NJ {husband of Jaymie, father of Cindy Lutz}
  182. Douglas G Lutz
  183. Douglas W Lutz MCINTL@MSN.COM Santa Ana, CA
  184. Douglas W Lutz S004DWL@DISCOVER.WRIGHT.EDU Dayton, OH
  185. Dreda Lutz Duarte, CA {wife of Gordon Lutz} 14dec96


  186. Edith "Anna Maria" Lutz Austria 25nov96 [more]
  187. Edward Lutz (BSN) [check elutz]
  188. Edward C Lutz 70422.432@Compuserve.Com Ft Worth, TX
  189. Edward Clarence Lutz c/o Manitoba, Canada {son of Peter Lutz from Europe}
  190. Edward H Lutz 71763.415@Compuserve.Com Paramus, NJ
  191. Edward L Lutz
  192. Edward M Lutz AA796@FREENET.CARLETON.CA Canada
  193. Edward M Lutz 71071.2316@Compuserve.Com Cincinnati, OH
  194. Edward M Lutz 103250.3243@Compuserve.Com Baltimore, MD
  195. Edward M "Eddie"Rhino" Lutz, Jr Cincinnati, OH [check]
  196. Edward R Lutz 76330.1427@Compuserve.Com Canyon Country, CA
  197. Edward Skip Lutz 76702.1332@Compuserve.Com Oklahoma City, OK
  198. Edwin M Lutz 103214.2642@Compuserve.Com Willingboro, NJ
  199. Edwin Jacob Lutz New Port Richey, FL (born in Philadelphia PA) {father of Edwin Vincent & Christopher Steven} 17mar97
  200. Edwin Vincent Lutz MO {son of Edwin Jacob brother of Christopher Steven} 17mar97
  201. Elaine Lutz San Francisco, CA [check]
  202. Eleanor D Lutz Longmont, CO
  203. Elke Lutz ne Sammet Gerlingen, Germany {wife of Marcel} 29jul97
  204. Ellen E Lutz
  205. Eric Lutz
  206. Eric Lutz
  207. Eric Lutz
  208. Eric Anthony Lutz Delaware, OH
  209. Eric B Lutz Evanston, IL [check]
  210. Eric B Lutz
  211. Eric O Lutz 73521.1560@Compuserve.Com Howell, MI
  212. Eric Wade Lutz Cleveland, TN (from Charlotte, NC area) 23nov96 [more]
  213. Erich Lutz Germany
  214. Erich Lutz Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
  215. Ericka Lutz Oakland, CA {sister of Jessica Lutz -- shortened from Lutzky at Ellis Island, came from the town of Lutzk, Poland} 7jul96 [more]
  216. Erika Megan Lutz-Stokes Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada {Stokes as an adoptive name} 21apr97 [more]
  217. Erin Lutz - DataDyno Ind. Kamloops B.C. Canada V2B-4E1 you forgot your e-mail
  218. Erin Courtney Lutz
  219. Erin Lutz Edmonton, Alberta, Canada {trace my family back to John Lutz who came from Germany, we say loots, but it has a little foot in it} 24mar97
  220. Erin J Lutz [check]
  221. Erno B Lutz Redding, CA
  222. Ernst Lutz or Germany
  223. Etienne Lutz Switzerland
  224. Eva Lutz NJ {daughter of Laura Breish Lutz & William Lutz sister of Catherine & Frank grandmother of David Butler} photographs 26aug98
  225. Evelyn Lutz [check]


  226. Florian Lutz Kreuzeckstrasse 3, Pullach, 82049 Germany {brother of Vincent Lutz}
  227. Francis A Lutz Indonesia
  228. Frank Lutz Tuebingen, Germany
  229. Frank Lutz Germany
  230. Frank G Lutz WI
  231. Frank-Michael Lutz Stuttgart, Germany
  232. Franz Lutz {I am Swiss - but at the moment living in} Mexico City, Mexico 29mar97
  233. Franz Lutz Hersche Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico, Mexico 6jun96
  234. Fred Lutz
  235. Fred A Lutz
  236. Frederick M Lutz St Paul, MN
  237. Frederick W Lutz Roxbury, NY 20feb97 [more]
  238. Friederich Wilhelm "Erich" Lutz Stellenbosch, Western Cape, S Africa {brother of Danil} 4feb97 [more]
  239. Frits Lutz Netherlands


  240. Galen I Lutz 102472.1136@Compuserve.Com Wichita, KA
  241. Gannon Lutz [check]
  242. Garman Duane Lutz
  243. Gary Lutz
  244. Gary Lutz Hillsboro, OR {husband of Debbie Lutz}
  245. Gary J Lutz [check]
  246. Gary James Lutz Monmouth, OR
  247. Gebhard Lutz Switzerland
  248. Gene Devaun Lutz {father of Ricky Paul}genealogy page
  249. Gene J Lutz ATBG84A@PRODIGY.COM Lindenwold, NJ
  250. Geof Lutz 76103.1055@Compuserve.Com Boulder, CO
  251. Georg J Lutz or Berlin, Germany 2jan96
  252. George & Kathy Lutz (Amityville Horror)
  253. George E Lutz [check]
  254. George M Lutz 104060.256@Compuserve.Com Wernersville, PA
  255. Gerald Lutz Nova Scotia, Canada
  256. Gerald B Lutz Manheim, PA
  257. Gerald K Lutz (aka FLM) ID [check]
  258. Gerard Lutz 100546.1112@Compuserve.Com Roissy-en-france, France
  259. Gerda Lutz Wien, Austria [check]
  260. Gerhard Lutz 100772.3143@Compuserve.Com Paris, France
  261. Gerhard Lutz 100545.3710@Compuserve.Com Neunburg, Germany
  262. Gerhard E Lutz Germany [check]
  263. Dr Gerhard Lutz gel@dmumpiwh.bitnet Germany
  264. Gerry Lutz
  265. Gina Marie Lutz
  266. Gordon B Lutz (old Duarte, CA {husband of Dreda Lutz, son of Leonard} 4dec96 [more]
  267. Gordon D Lutz Abington, PA {father of David B Lutz & Wayne, husband of Alberta M Lutz} 9feb97
  268. Grant T Lutz 103700.2302@Compuserve.Com West Allis, WI
  269. Greg Lutz Berkeley, CA
  270. Gregory A Lutz Jr 103421.3573@Compuserve.Com Zieglerville, PA
  271. Gregory D Lutz
  272. Gregory W Lutz 71743.3543@Compuserve.Com San Diego, CA
  273. Gretchen Kay Lutz Amarillo, TX
  274. Guenter Lutz Germany
  275. Guenter Lutz
  276. Hans Lutz Germany


  277. Hans U Lutz or Switzerland
  278. Hans-dieter Lutz Germany
  279. Hanspeter Lutz Switzerland
  280. Harald Lutz Vienna Austria 29jun97
  281. Harry Lutz Eugene, OR (from Pendleton, OR)
  282. Harry Frank Lutz CA
  283. Hazel A Lutz or Rogers, MN
  284. Heather B Lutz NC
  285. Heather D Lutz Burnaby, BC Canada
  286. Heather L Lutz
  287. Heather Marie Lutz or Circleville, OH
  288. Heidi Lutz CA {great-grandfather is Brian Lutz} 16mar97
  289. Heidi Lutz
  290. Heidi Lutz MsHeidi@AOL.COM
  291. Helma Lutz Utrecht, Netherlands
  292. Herman A Lutz or Pembroke Pines, FL
  293. Hilda Lutz
  294. Holger Lutz Friedberg, Germany
  295. Holger Lutz
  296. Holly Ann Lutz Chicago, IL 11mar98


  297. Ian Lutz Australia
  298. Ian R Lutz 75707.2252@Compuserve.Com So Woodstock, VT
  299. Ilka Lutz 100773.3373@Compuserve.Com Burgsinn, Germany
  300. Ingo Lutz 100407.3576@Compuserve.Com 100671.3351@Compuserve.Com Sindelfingen, Germany
  301. Ira Lutz 100766.654@Compuserve.Com Renfrewshire, Scotland
  302. Ivan Brent Lutz [check]


  303. J Gary Lutz
  304. Jack H Lutz {bibliography page}
  305. Jack Harold Lutz Ames, IA [check]
  306. Jack W Lutz c/o Rio Rancho, NM {father-in-law of Lisa L, father of Jeffrey A} 23may96
  307. Jacob Lutz a126@Lehigh.EDU
  308. James (Jim) Lutz
  309. James (Jim) Lutz
  310. James Lutz
  311. James Lutz
  312. James A Lutz 4mar96
  313. James A Lutz or Coon Rapids, MN [check] [check]
  314. James Alan Lutz Portland, OR 18jan98
  315. James Andrew Lutz
  316. James Christopher Lutz Lexington, KY [check]
  317. James D Lutz Blacksburg, VA
  318. James D Lutz Albuquerque, NM
  319. James D "Jim" Lutz Oakland, CA
  320. James Jeffery "Jim" Lutz Arvada, CO [more] 25jan97
  321. James Terence "Jim"Skeeter" Lutz Manor, TX {son of Larry} 19dec96 [more]
  322. James Wilson "Jim" Lutz Madisonville, KY {husband of Patricia Legeay Lutz, son of Roland Emerson & Jane Clements Lutz, father of Emily Carole Lutz & Jason Andrew Lutz} 2mar97 [more]
  323. Jan Lutz Mankato, MN
  324. Jan Lutz
  325. Jan Lutz Netherlands (Holland) 22dec96 [more]
  326. Jared Lutz
  327. Jason Christopher Lutz
  328. Jason E Lutz Dallas, TX
  329. Jason Mitchell Lutz St. Louis, MO {cousin of Lowell} 1jan97
  330. Jay Lutz Dover, DE 3mar96
  331. Jean Lutz
  332. Jean-Jacques Lutz France
  333. Jeff Lutz
  334. Jeff A Lutz Orlando, FL
  335. Jeff S Lutz or (old Hershey, PA
  336. Jeffery "Jeff" Lutz Orlando, FL
  337. Jeffrey Scott Lutz {son of Thomas A} 4jan98
  338. Jeffery W Lutz
  339. Jeffrey J Lutz
  340. Jeffrey Matthew Lutz or Bloomville, OH
  341. Jeannette Lutz "Jenneatte" West Chester, PA
  342. JENNIFER KERSTIE LUTZ CORPSE-@EXECPC.CO {daughter of MIKE SCOTT LUTZ} "i cant find him it has been a year since i have seen him and my grandparents dont know where he is and are worried. i also would like to find out about my family i feel lost and have never realy known much about it. PLEASE HELP."
  343. Jennifer (Lutz) Karl West Islip, NY {(2nd) cousin of Jodie} 3may97
  344. Jennifer Lutz ID
    possibly same as
  345. Jennifer Lutz ID
  346. Jennifer D Lutz
  347. Jennifer Louise Lutz Urbana, IL
  348. Jennifer L Lutz Slippery Rock, PA
  349. Jennifer Marie Lutz
  350. Jennifer Rachel Lutz
  351. Jennifer Suzan Lutz
  352. Jeremy Christopher Lutz
  353. Jeremy M Lutz
  354. Jeremy Ryan LutzMyerstown, Lebanon County, PA 1aug97 [more]
  355. Jerry Lutz
  356. Jerry L Lutz [check] ]
  357. Jessica Lutz {sister of Ericka Lutz shortened from Lutzky at Ellis Island, came from the town of Lutzk, Poland.} 6jul96
  358. Jessie Lutz San Bernardino, CA {wife of Lynn cousin of Lowell provider of this list} 2jun97
  359. Jillian "Jill" H Lutz [check]
  360. Jim Lutz
  361. Jim Lutz or
  362. Jim L Lutz [ check jllutz ]
  363. Jimi Lutz South Africa
  364. Joachim Lutz or (old Karlsruhe, Germany [ check lutz ]
  365. Joachim Lutz Germany
  366. Joanne Frances "Jodie" Lutz Winter Park, FL (born in Manhattan, NY) {daughter of Joseph M & Emily Siroky Lutz, sister of David John (who's married to Martha Finmann Lutz with sons, Robert Joseph & Maxwell Christian) & (2nd) cousin of Jennifer Karl} 15jun97
  367. Jody L Lutz PA
  368. Joe Lutz {son of Robert L & Betty Arlington, TX grandson of Perry & Annie of OK husband of Donna} 3jun97 [more]
  369. Joe Lutz
  370. Joe Lutz (other San Jose, CA
  371. Joe Lutz [ check lutz ]
  372. Joel Lutz
  373. Joel Lutz
  374. Joel A Lutz Minneapolis, MN [check lutzx002]
  375. Johannes Lucas Sebastianus "Hans" Lutz or Maassluis, Netherlands {cousin of Louk 22dec96 [more]
  376. John Lutz {father of Margaret Lutz}genealogy page
  377. John Lutz
  378. John Lutz
  379. John Lutz BC, Canada
  380. John A Lutz Quechee, VT 16mar96
  381. John A Lutz Jr Buckeye Lake, OH
  382. John B Lutz
  383. John Burroughs "Lootie" Lutz
  384. John C Lutz TX
  385. John Cramer Lutz Lancaster, PA 4jan98 [more]
  386. John Lawrence Lutz < href=> home town is Prior Lake, Minnesota, but now Shakopee 19aug98
  387. John Mark Lutz White Bear Lake, MN
  388. John P Lutz New Brighton, MN [ check lutzx006 ]
  389. John W Lutz or or (Mail to pagelutz sends a message to John's alphanumeric pager. You are limited to about 140 characters.) Pittsburgh, PA [ check lutz@pobox ] 7jul96
  390. Jon "John" Lutz Dallas, TX
  391. Jon "John" Lutz or [ check jlutz ]
  392. Jon David Lutz (old Hartford, VT 2feb96
  393. Jonathan Lutz {son of Howard Lutz}genealogy page
  394. Jonathan Lutz VA 3mar96
  395. Jonathan R "Jon" Lutz (old Tallahassee, FL {son of Robert P Lutz brother of Anne (Lutz) Thorne} 1apr97
  396. Jonathan Daniel Lutz
  397. Jonathon I Lutz 102543.1660@Compuserve.Com Evansville, IN
  398. Jose Lutz My family is from Germany (Pforzheim), moved to Argentina in 1900. I moved to the US in 1994. 31mar97
  399. Joseph "Joe" A Lutz [check]
  400. Josh Lutz [check]
  401. Joshua Lutz {son of Allan L Lutz, grandson of Louis "Tubby" Andrew Lutz} Tipton MO
  402. Joshua (Josh) Lutz (or Detroit, MI [check]
  403. Josiane Lutz Zrich, Switzerland (Zuerich)
  404. Joy R Lutz
  405. Judith Lutz
  406. Judy Lutz
  407. Juergen Lutz Germany
  408. Jule (Lutz) Thorsen {daughter of Robert W Lutz, niece of Judi (Lutz) Benson} 14jan97
  409. Julie Haynes Lutz [old] Pullman, WA [check]
  410. Justin D Lutz PA


  411. Karen Susan Lutz OR
  412. Kari-Ann Marie Lutz Alanson, MI
  413. Karina Lutz Providence, RI
  414. Karina Lutz
  415. Karl Lutz or
  416. Karl-Walter Lutz Pendleton, OR c/o Sandra (Kelly) Lutz
  417. Katharina Elizabetha Lutz {daughter of Michael Lutz}genealogy page
  418. Kathy Lutz [check]
  419. Kathy (Lutz) Mughmaw
  420. Katrina Marie Lutz Glenshaw, PA [check]
  421. Kay Lutz
  422. Kay Lutz WA
  423. Kaye V (Lutz) Benne Satellite Beach, FL 25jul96 {Sister of Beverly A (Lutz) Morse sister-in-law of Sonja Lutz, sister of Kenneth Earl Lutz Jr, daughter of Kenneth Earl Lutz, who descended from Edward Charles Lutz, Alexander Buford Lutz George Lutz, John (Johann) Lutz VII who immigrated from Darmstadt, Germany}
  424. Keith Lutz Green Bay, WI {born in Milwaukee, WI to Wesley Lutz son of William Lutz}
  425. Ken Lutz Boonsboro, MD 4apr96
  426. Ken Lutz 75234.3124@Compuserve.Com Spokane, WA
  427. Ken Lutz
  428. Ken Lutz
  429. Ken R Lutz Singapore, Singapore
  430. Kenneth (Ken) Lutz [check]
  431. Kenneth Anthony Lutz ME (Born in MO) {Son of Anthony Francis Lutz Born in Tipton MO} 12mar97
  432. Kenneth C (Ken) Lutz [old] [check]
  433. Kenneth C Lutz Kissimmee, FL
  434. Kenneth E Lutz 76534.2205@Compuserve.Com Clark, NJ
  435. Kenneth J Lutz Red Bank, NJ
  436. Kent W Lutz KS
  437. Kerry Lutz
  438. Kerry Lutz [check This text contains explicit materials readers may find objectionable]
  439. Kerry Lutz
  440. Kerry Lutz KLUTZ@BNR.CA Canada
  441. Kerry Lutz Canada
  442. Kerry A Lutz Green, OH
  443. Kevin Lutz 74710.1363@Compuserve.Com Aurora, CO
  444. Kerstin Andrea Lutz
  445. Kevin C Lutz Houghton, MI [check]
  446. Kevin E Lutz 104030.3543@Compuserve.Com Acton, CA
  447. Kevin P Lutz 103355.3365@Compuserve.Com Wheatridge, CO
  448. Kevin R Lutz (old Minneapolis, MN
  449. Kevin T Lutz
  450. Kevin T Lutz 72644.2357@Compuserve.Com Chicago, IL
  451. Kevin T Lutz 102721.403@Compuserve.Com St Charles, IL
  452. Kevin V Lutz 103066.1257@Compuserve.Com Vancouver, BC Canada
  453. Kevin Wesley Lutz Sr Millville, NJ 21dec96
  454. Kibby Lutz Green Valley, ON, Canada 3mar96
  455. Kim Lutz Canada
  456. Kim T Lutz
  457. Kimberly Lutz
  458. Kimberly Ann Lutz
  459. Kimberly Ann Lutz
  460. Klaus-Jrgen Lutz (Klaus-Juergen) Frankfurt am Main, Germany [check]
  461. Kori Lutz
  462. Kristy Kay Lutz born Starkville, MS to Warren William Lutz & Marta (Moore) now in Houston TX 24apr98


  463. Lana L Lutz Ocala, FL 14jun96
  464. Lanny R Lutz Bloomsburg, PA
  465. Larry Lutz
  466. Larry Lutz
  467. Larry A Lutz Jr Bloomsburg, PA 19jul96
  468. Larry H Lutz Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada 25mar97 [more]
  469. Larry Lynn Lutz PA
  470. Larry W Lutz or (old Springfield, VA
  471. Larry W Lutz
  472. Larry W Lutz II
  473. Laura Lutz Maplewood, MN
  474. Laurie Ann Lutz (old Santa Cruz, CA
  475. Lee Lutz 2feb97
  476. Lee J Lutz
  477. Len Lutz
  478. Leon R Lutz or
  479. Leon Randolph (Randy) Lutz or {brother of Russell W Lutz} 8jun96
  480. Dr Leonard Lutz or Switzerland
  481. Lila M Lutz Ogden, IA
  482. Linda Lutz llutz@LIB.UWO.CA Canada
  483. Lisa Barker Lutz FL
  484. Lisa K Lutz PA
  485. Lisa L Lutz Rio Rancho, NM [check] {wife of Jeffrey A} 23may96
  486. Lisa M Lutz Ames, IA
  487. Lloyd K Lutz 75362.2041@Compuserve.Com Blandon, PA
  488. Lois C Lutz Ann Arbor, MI
  489. Lonnie Lutz Toledo, OH
  490. Loretta K Lutz Wenatchee, WA
  491. Lorna Irene Lutz UK
  492. Lorraine A L Lutz
  493. Louk Lutz [old:] Maassluis, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands {cousin of Hans} 24nov97 [more]
  494. Lowell Wayne Lutz (provider of this list) (old & & & Houston, TX {father of "Wayne", below, husband of Cynthia J "Cindy" (Ickes) Lutz} [more]
  495. Lowell "Wayne" Lutz II (old Houston, TX {son of Lowell & Cindy Lutz}
  496. Lucky Lutz (Illusionist) Holzwickede, Germany
  497. Luuk Lutz Holland {father of Stephanie & Peter} 8jan98 [more]
  498. Lynn L Lutz [old] San Bernardino, CA {husband of Jessie, cousin of Lowell provider of this list} 2jan98
  499. M A G Van Der Poel-Lutz Delft, Netherlands


  500. M Leigh Lutz PA
  501. Magdalene Lutz-Hensel Germany [check]
  502. Maggie Lutz
  503. Malinda K Lutz mklutz@MIT.EDU
  504. Manfred Lutz Germany
  505. Marc Lutz
  506. Marc Lutz Germany
  507. Marcel Lutz (old Gerlingen, Germany {husband of Elke Lutz ne Sammet} 29jul97
  508. Marcianne Lutz
  509. Marcus Lutz Giessen, Germany
  510. Margaret Lutz {daughter of John Lutz}genealogy page
  511. Marilyn Lutz or lutz@maine.bitnet Orono, ME
  512. Mark Lutz 19mar96
  513. Mark Lutz or (old & Longmont, CO 7jul96
  514. Mark Lutz
  515. Mark A Lutz Minneapolis, MN
  516. Mark Alan Lutz PA
  517. Mark F Lutz IN
  518. Mark Francis Lutz (old & Ripon, CA
  519. Mark Francis Lutz Dame, IN
  520. Mark N Lutz 74372.2672@Compuserve.Com Milford, PA
  521. Martha L Lutz Minneapolis, MN [check]
  522. Martin Lutz [check]
  523. Martin Lutz Germany
  524. Mary Jo Lutz PA
  525. Mary Lou Lutz Redlands, CA {mother of Thomas Frederick, wife of William R} 17jun97
  526. MaryAnne E Lutz Omaha, NE [check]
  527. Matt Lutz {son of Patricia & Francis Lutz} 4apr96
  528. Matthew Lutz Nags Head, NC (from Washington, PA) {husband of Carrie Lutz} 2feb97
  529. Matthew August Lutz
  530. Matthew C Lutz
  531. Matthias Lutz Germany
  532. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann
  533. Maureen Patricia Lutz
  534. Melanie Paula Lutz [check]
  535. Michael Lutz {father of Katharina Elizabetha Lutz}genealogy page
  536. Michael Lutz 2may95
  537. Michael Lutz [check]
  538. Michael Lutz Switzerland
  539. Michael Lutz
  540. Michael Lutz Germany
  541. Michael Lutz
  542. Michael Lutz
  543. Michael Lutz Germany
  544. Michael Lutz
  545. Michael Austin Lutz PA
  546. Michael Edward Lutz Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 9may96
  547. Michael H Lutz Buffalo, NY 5may96
  548. Michael H Lutz
  549. Michael Howland Lutz
  550. Michael J (Mike) Lutz Rochester, NY
  551. Michael L Lutz Lansdale, PA
  552. Michael R Lutz PA
  553. Michael T Lutz Moines, IA
  554. Michael T Lutz or Amherst, OH 9jul96
  555. Michel Lutz Germany
  556. Michele P Lutz
  557. Michelle A Lutz Oakville, ON Canada
  558. Michelle D Lutz St Paul, MN
  559. Mike Lutz Boise, ID
  560. Dr Mike Lutz {photograph}
  561. Mike Lutz or
  562. Mike Lutz
  563. Mike Lutz
  564. Mike Lutz IA
  565. Mike Lutz ON, Canada
  566. Mindi L Lutz Bloomington, MN
  567. Mitchell Nelson Lutz Moines, IA
  568. Dr Monika Lutz Butzbach, Germany
  569. Monika Lutz
  570. Morris K Lutz
  571. Moshe Randall Lutz SF, CA [check]


  572. Naioma J Lutz 74114.1525@Compuserve.Com Marrero, LA
  573. Nancy Lutz Calgary, Alberta, Canada 7jul96
  574. Nancy Lutz
  575. Nancy Jean (Lutz) Vandygriff Alton, IL daughter of John Carol Lutz, granddaughter of John Charles Lutz (& Dora Watson), greatgranddaughter of Johanna Lutz (& Anna) from Germany (whose other children were Phill, Henry, & Fredrick Lutz) 24nov98
  576. Nathan A Lutz
  577. Nathan David Lutz New Brunswick, NJ
  578. Nelle Stephan-Lutz Gainesville, FL 5may96
  579. Nora Lutz genealogy page
  580. Norbert Lutz


  581. Oliver Lutz Germany
  582. Oliver Terrence Lutz Ithaca, NY
  583. Orga Lutz
  584. Oswald Lutz 101447.1515@Compuserve.Com Karlstadt, Germany


  585. Pamela Lutz
  586. Patricia Elaine Aenne Lutz Frankfurt, Germany 22jul96
  587. Patricia A Lutz
  588. Patricia J Lutz Pittsburgh, PA
  589. Paul Lutz
  590. Paul J Lutz Washington DC
  591. Paula Lutz
  592. Paula A Lutz Edina, MN
  593. Pauline Florence Lutz or Columbus, OH
  594. Pemela Ann Lutz {daughter of Ricky Paul Lutz}genealogy page
  595. Penny Lutz Hawaii
  596. Perry James Lutz WA
  597. Peter Lutz Japan 4jan98 {son of Luuk, brother of Stephanie} [more]
  598. Peter Lutz Switzerland 12apr97
  599. Peter Lutz Mnchen, BY, Germany 3mar96
  600. Peter Lutz Stuttgart, Germany Peter Lutz Stuttgart, Germany
  601. Peter Lutz 100117.2265@CompuServe.COM
  602. Peter H Lutz, Ph.D. Rochester, NY [check]
  603. Philipp Lutz Wlfrath, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany
  604. Phillip Lutz
  605. Phillip Lutz [check]
  606. Phillip A Lutz Sugar Grove, OH [check] {father of Carl A Lutz}
  607. Phillip Jurrien Paul Lutz Holland 13sep97 [more]
  608. Pierre Lutz College De France, Switzerland
  609. Pierre Lutz Switzerland
  610. Pierre Lutz France


  611. Queva J Lutz New York, NY 14jul96


  612. Rachel Erin Lutz Ames, IA
  613. Rachel Kristina Lutz Baltimore, MD
  614. Rachel Michelle Lutz
  615. Rafer Lutz or 14jun96
  616. Dr Rainer Lutz Marburg, Germany
  617. Rainer Lutz 100442.1523@Compuserve.Com Kuchen, Germany
  618. Rainer Lutz 101353.312@Compuserve.Com Bissingen, Germany
  619. Rainer Lutz 100414.3360@Compuserve.Com Muenchen, Germany
  620. Rainer Lutz 100651.113@Compuserve.Com Feldkirchen-westerham, Germany
  621. Rainer Lutz France
  622. Ralf Lutz 101504.454@Compuserve.Com Langnau, Switzerland
  623. Ralf Lutz
  624. Ralph Lutz & Hazel M Lutz (Lutz et al. v. Krauter et al.) Dickinson, ND
  625. Ralph E Lutz 103161.214@Compuserve.Com Boardman, OH
  626. Randa (Lutz) Hoffman Madisonville, KY 12apr98
  627. Randy Lutz
  628. Randy E Lutz
  629. Randy L Lutz II
  630. Raymond Lutz (old Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
  631. Raymond Clark Lutz El Cajon, CA 4apr96
  632. Raymond D Lutz 104151.477@Compuserve.Com Clear Lake, WI
  633. Raymond K Haku Lutz Honolulu, HA 7jun96
  634. Raymond M Lutz
  635. Reece James Lutz
  636. Sister Regina Lutz Victoria, Canada
  637. Reinhard Lutz [more] 26jul97
  638. Rene Lutz Bern, Switzerland
  639. Reto Lutz Switzerland
  640. Richard Lutz RICHARD_LUTZ@PLE.AF.MIL or or Edwards Air Force
  641. Richard Lutz
  642. Richard Lutz Pierce, NE
  643. Richard Lutz
  644. Richard Lutz Silver Spring, MD [check]
  645. Richard Lutz
  646. Richard Lutz
  647. Richard Lutz
  648. Richard Lutz OR {son of Richard D Lutz} 22apr96
  649. Dr Richard Lutz NJ
  650. Richard D Lutz OR [check] {father of Richard Lutz} 22apr96
  651. Richard J Lutz PA
  652. Richard J Lutz PA
  653. Richard J Lutz FL
  654. Richard George Lutz {Husband of Eileen; son of George Lutz from Binghamton, NY, deceased May 1996; [more] 27dec96
  655. Rick Lutz PA
  656. Rick & Cheryl Lutz Bradford, PA
  657. Rick Lutz
  658. Rick Lutz
  659. Rick Lutz 5sep96
  660. Rick A Lutz Rapid City, SD [Great-Grandson of Andrew Lutz (Eureka, SD), Grandson of John Lutz (Isabel, SD) Son of William Lutz (Rapid City, SD)]
  661. Ricky Paul Lutz {son of Gene Devaun Lutz father of Pemela Ann Lutz}genealogy page
  662. Rita T Lutz Evanston, IL [check]
  663. Rob Lutz ID
  664. Robert (Bob) Lutz MD 9sep95
  665. Robert Lutz Greenbelt, MD
  666. Robert Lutz Chippewa Falls, WI 25apr96
  667. Robert Lutz MD
  668. Robert A Lutz Auto Channel, 3/20/96 Biographical Dictionary Entry
  669. Robert C Lutz PA
  670. Robert D Lutz
  671. Robert E Lutz or Lenexa, KS
  672. Robert I Lutz 75216.2335@Compuserve.Com Lynchburg, VA
  673. Robert J (Bob) Lutz (or or Murray Hill, NJ 1jan96
  674. Robert J Lutz or
  675. Robert M Lutz IL
  676. Robert P Lutz 105076, Longwood, FL 22nov96 {father of Jon R Lutz & Anne (Lutz) Thorne}
  677. Robert Ralph Lutz Milwaukee, WI
  678. Robert Scott Lutz Madison, WI
  679. Robert W Lutz Des Moines, IA {son of Elmer H Lutz, father of Teri (Lutz) Sheehan, Mark S Lutz (father of Benjamin Lutz) Eric W Lutz, Jule (Lutz) Thorsen} 21may96
  680. Robert W Lutz Columbus, NE 27feb96
  681. Robert W "Rob" Lutz Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada {husband of Trinda Lutz (same e-mail)} 3oct97 [more]
  682. Robyn R Lutz Ames, IA
  683. Roger E Lutz Black Diamond, WA {Son of Norman & Norma Lutz of Stevens Point, WI} 29nov97
  684. Rolf Lutz Germany
  685. Ron Lutz Des Moines, IA
  686. Ron E Lutz
  687. Ron Hopkins Lutz
  688. Ronald Clifford Lutz Columbus, OH [check]
  689. Ronald J Lutz
  690. Roxanne Marie Lutz SF, CA [check]
  691. Rudi Lutz UK
  692. Rudolf Lutz Wien, Austria
  693. Rudolf Lutz Switzerland
  694. Rudolf A Lutz MD
  695. Russell W Lutz {brother of Leon Randolph (Randy) Lutz} 8jun96
  696. Ruth Ann Lutz Upton, NY
  697. Ryan Lutz


  698. S Anne Lutz Minneapolis, MN [check]
  699. Salmon Lutz Olympia, WA {photograph}
  700. Samuel James "Sam" Boone-Lutz Walla Walla, WA
  701. Sandra (Kelly) Lutz Pendleton, OR
  702. Sascha Lutz 23dec96
  703. Scott Lutz
  704. Scott Lutz Lubbock, TX
  705. Scott Lutz
  706. Scott Lutz
  707. Scott A Lutz
  708. Scott Alan Lutz IN
  709. Scott Alan Lutz OH
  710. Sebastian Lutz Hamburg, Germany
  711. Shad D Lutz Burien, WA
  712. Sharon Lutz
  713. Sheila M Lutz St Paul, MN [ check lutz0006 ] *
    Probably the same...
    Sheila M Lutz St Paul, MN [ check lutzx001 ] *
  714. Sherry F Lutz Washington DC
  715. Sidney AUS Lutz Detroit, MI
  716. Simone Lutz (You can send e-mail via a friend Germany 3sep97 [more]
  717. Solon L Lutz Berlin, Germany
    probably same as
    Solon Luigi Lutz Solon Luigi Lutz Berlin, Germany [ check solon ] or or or or or or or or or
  718. Sonja Lutz Belle Glade, FL 4/26/96 {sister-in-law of Beverly A (Lutz) Morse sister-in-law of Kaye V (Lutz) Benne wife of Kenneth Earl Lutz Jr}
  719. Sparowitz Lutz Austria
  720. Stacey Lutz NY
  721. Stacey (Lutz) Morse Sterling, IL 1may97
  722. Stacy Rae Lutz Eastsound, WA
  723. Stefan Lutz
  724. Stefan Lutz Germany
  725. Stephan Lutz Innsbruck, Austria 9oct96
  726. Stephanie Lutz Holland {daughter of Luuk, sister of Peter} 8jan98 [more]
  727. Stephanie Lutz NY
  728. Stephanie Lutz Stephanie Lutz
  729. Stephanie Marie Lutz
  730. Stephen Lutz
  731. Stephen Lutz ID
  732. Stephen F Lutz
  733. Stephen G Lutz Minneapolis, MN
  734. Stephen Gabriel Lutz
  735. Stephen J Lutz
  736. Stephen J Lutz
  737. Stephen J Lutz Augusta, GA
  738. Stephen M Lutz White Bear Lake, MN
  739. Stephen M Lutz
  740. Steve Lutz Citrus Heights, CA (Sacramento) {husband of Beth, father of Jaimee}
  741. Steve Lutz CA
  742. Steve J Lutz
  743. Steve V Lutz 103471.433@Compuserve.Com Glendale, AZ
  744. Steven H Lutz
  745. Dr Susan Lutz Alberta, Canada
  746. Susan Lutz
  747. Susan Lutz Bluffton, OH
  748. Susan Lutz
  749. Susan B Lutz CA
  750. Susan Marie Lutz
  751. Susan Marie Lutz
  752. Susan Marie Lutz
  753. Susanna (Sue)(Lutz) Davidsen Waterford, MI (from Mannersdorf, Austria)
  754. Suzanne Lutz
  755. Suzanne B Lutz


  756. Tami Jo Lutz
  757. Tammie Lutz
  758. Tammy Lutz Simi Valley, CA
  759. Tammy Lutz Canada [ check lutz ]
  760. Tania L Lutz Mississauga, ON, Canada
  761. Duesseldorf, Germany
  762. Tanja Lutz Hannover, Germany
  763. Teri (Lutz) Sheehan Des Moines, IA {daughter of Robert W Lutz} 21may96
  764. Terrance Elroy "Terry" Lutz Markerville, Alberta, Canada 26nov96 [more]
  765. Terrance Vernon "Terry" Lutz Willard OH
  766. Terri Jaynne Lutz OH
  767. Terry Lutz 17mar97
  768. Theres C Lutz Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland {mother of Chris A Lutz} 29jan97
  769. Theresa M Lutz or IN
  770. Thierry Lutz Ingwiller, France (studying in Germany) 12mar97
  771. Thomas Lutz Avesta, Sweden (b.Gernsbach Germany 1961) 24mar97
  772. Thomas Lutz Cape Town, South Africa
  773. Thomas Lutz
  774. Thomas Lutz
  775. Thomas Lutz Switzerland Thomas Lutz Switzerland Thomas Lutz Switzerland
  776. Thomas Lutz Germany Thomas Lutz Germany
  777. Thomas A Lutz {father of Jeffrey Scott Lutz} 4jan98
  778. Thomas A Lutz Philadelphia, PA 14mar96
  779. Thomas C Lutz
  780. Thomas E (Tom) Lutz Eagan, MN {son of John Lutz, Prior Lake, MN,; grandson of Edward Lutz Deceased, Farmington, MN,; greatgrandson of Carl Lutz, Deceased, (?)Ida Grove, IA,} 24jan96
  781. Thomas Edward "Tom" Lutz Pullman, WA
  782. Thomas Eugene Lutz {father of Eric, Eric's mother is Alexa} 27oct95
  783. Thomas Frederick (Tom) Lutz Redlands, CA {son of William R & Mary Lou} 17jun97
  784. Thomas J Lutz Albuquerque, NM
  785. Thomas M Lutz IA
  786. Thomas Mitchell Lutz Weston, MO
  787. Tiffany Rose Lutz PA
  788. Tim Lutz
  789. Timothy Austin Lutz Durham, NC 11dec96
  790. Timothy J Lutz 14jun96
  791. Timothy E Lutz Duluth, MN
  792. Tobias Lutz Germany
  793. Todd Lutz
  794. Todd A Lutz
  795. Todd D Lutz AZ
  796. Todd D Lutz Kingman, AZ {father of Steven, Matthew & Garrett} 2jun96
  797. Tommie Lutz Houston, TX, missing persons report
  798. Tony A Lutz Waverly, IA
  799. Tony D Lutz (old Ketchum, ID
  800. Torsten Lutz Germany
  801. Trevor J Lutz (old & Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 29jan96 Trevor J Lutz Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  802. Troy R Lutz 14mar96
  803. Tyler Lutz WV


  804. Ulrich Lutz Germany
  805. Ulrich Lutz 100576.654@Compuserve.Com Derching, Germany
  806. Ulrich Lutz 100410.2720@Compuserve.Com Immenstadt, Germany


  807. Valinda J Lutz 102714.3406@Compuserve.Com Houston, TX
  808. Vickie Lutz
  809. Victoria L Lutz WI {son of Debra, sister of BJ} 5feb97
  810. Vincent Lutz Kreuzeckstrasse 3, Pullach, 82049 Germany {brother of Florian Lutz} 21jun96


  811. Walter Eric Lutz San Francisco, CA
  812. Walter Hauschild "Wally" Lutz Englewood, FL {father of Paul, son of Karl, grandson of Theodore} [more]
  813. Wayne Lutz [old] Philadelphia, PA {son of Gordon D Lutz brother of David B} 9feb97 [more]
  814. William (Bill) Lutz Camden, NJ
  815. William Lutz [check]
  816. William Charles Lutz or Omaha, NE 27jan96
  817. William J Lutz
  818. William J "BJ" Lutz II Oshkosh, WI {grandson of William J Lutz (deceased 1974), son of Debra A Lutz, brother of Victoria L Lutz} 23sep97
  819. William Michael Lutz or or old: 27feb98
  820. William R Lutz Redlands, CA {father of Thomas Frederick, husband of Mary Lou & retired from Lockeed Corporation, Missles & Space Division} 17jun97
  821. William S Lutz Orlando, Fl
  822. William Stephen Lutz {son of Stephen Edwin Lutz b. Brooklyn NY grandson of William J Lutz in New York City} b. Ossining NY 14dec98
  823. William T Lutz Bristol, PA 16dec97 (now 41 y.o.)
  824. Wilma J Lutz Columbus, OH [check]
  825. Wilma Y Lutz 103573.1751@Compuserve.Com Baltimore, MD
  826. Wolfgang Lutz Germany
  827. Wolfgang Lutz
  828. Wolfgang Lutz Austria



  829. Yancey Lutz
  830. Yancey Karl Lutz (old Aiken SC
  831. Yvonne S Lutz Mtka MN


  832. Zael E Lutz or Kalamazoo MI
  833. Zachary Lutz {son of Jerry Lutz} Colorado Springs, CO (from MI) 3may97

People with Lutz ancestors are listed here, alphabetically, by last name.

  1. David Butler
  2. Chew, Abigail J "Abbi" Reelsville, IN {cousin of Lowell daughter of Debbie Chew niece of Cynthia Hanks} 1jan98
  3. Chew, Debbie Reelsville, IN {cousin of Lowell the provider of this list; mother of Abigail J (Abbi) Chew, above; sister of Cynthia Hanks} 1jan98
  4. Chew, Ed Reelsville, IN {cousin of Lowell the provider of this list; brother of Abigail J (Abbi) Chew; son of Debbie Chew} 1jan98
  5. Hanks, Cynthia [& Tony] IN {cousin of aunt of Abbi & Ed Chew; sister of Debbie Chew} 7jan98
  6. Hennessey, Christine "Chris" Curran Baltimore, MD 1sep97 [more]
  7. Hicks, Jim [& Becky, Andrew (Drew)] {cousins of Lowell the provider of this list}
  8. Hutchinson, Rhonda D Hutchinson Cooper My paternal grandmother is a Lutz. Her name is Pauline May Lutz Hutchinson. She was born on 23 Feb 1909 in Charlestown, IN. She has two sisters. Her parents are Harry Lutz b. 2 Jul 1876 in Charlestown, IN & Pearl Ola Huffstetter b. 28 Apr 1884 in Charlestown, IN. Harry's parents are Henry J Lutz & Rhoda Gibson both of Charlestown, IN. Pearl's parents are David Huffstetter & Ida Belle Bottorff. My hometown is Madison, IN. If you have any leads on these people I would greatly appreciate the information. 1jul97
  9. Jones, Nona My mother's mother was a Lutz
  10. Knutson, Susan {wife of Bruce (same e-mail)} 12oct97 [more]
  11. Parks-Chambers, Kathy 11sep97 [more]
  12. Schubert, Dave J mother's last name is Lutz & she has relatives in St Petersburg & Cocoa Beach, FL [check djschubert] 4jul96
  13. Stetner, Norman J Lutz was my mothers maiden name. Her father Josef was born in 1883, in the Banat, & I have very little other information on him or his family other than they were Roman Catholic; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 9oct96
  14. Wiemholt, Rick Gerhart Lutz, born apparently in Germany, married Gertrude Kuhlspach, born in Prussia, date unknown. They had a daughter, Permeilia Lutz, b.16apr1844 Booneville, MI. Wiemholt, b.21mar1840 Gasgau, Prussia. They were married 25apr1867 Booneville, MI. Permeilia d.15dec05 Martinsville, MI. Frederic d.15jan1898 Martinsville. This is all I have on the Lutz family & would like to try & find a connection somewhere in all the Lutzs' you have in your list. Campbell, CA 1apr97
  15. Winegar, Andrew son of 1 Joan lutz, daughter of John lutz 5jun96
  16. Wisbeck, Lori the maiden name of my maternal grandmother Edith (Ida) Lutz Lohmann [more]

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  17. Lutz Continental Cafe & Pastry Shop Chicago, IL
  18. Landhaus Lutz (Hotel?) Germany
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  23. mapquest (requires free registration) search for "Lutz" under "city" & you can get any reference to Lutz, i.e. businesses cities, etc., around the world.


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