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The only author to have written four Hugo Award-winning novels.
1974 the first Grand Master Nebula Award.
"Pessimist by policy, optimist by temperament--it is possible to be both. How? By never taking an unnecessary chance and by minimizing risks you can't avoid. This permits you to play out the game happily, untroubled by the certainty of the outcome." Bob Heinlein

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  1. Assignment in Eternity (1951) the "nova effect" which makes the H-bomb look like a kitchen match--one bomb can vaporize an entire planet. An undercover agent carrying the secret of this weapon must defeat an insane opponent, one who has decided that when she dies, the Earth will go "nova" with her. Friday is its sequel, but read The Puppet Masters first. [mrvl]
  2. Best of Robert Heinlein There is no way that the Best of Robert Heinlein could fit in a single book! But I ordered it anyway, it is a British collection of his early stories. The price had gone up to 25.95 but required my okay before they completed the transaction (plus they upgraded my delivery option to compensate). I am very pleased. I hope you will order books & be as pleased as I am. (1983 edition)
  3. Between Planets (1951,51) His mother was from Venus; his father was from Earth. He was in the middle & war has broken out.
  4. Beyond This Horizon (1942,48)
  5. The Cat Who Walks Through Walls: A Comedy of Manners (1985) one of his later works and so ought to be read later. Bob loved cats and wrote about them often, see The Door into Summer. A traditional Heinlein hero, another favorite topic: the spy/agent & hero. A guide to reading RAH will be coming soon. Warning: sex & soft porn. [mrvl]
  6. Citizen of the Galaxy (1957,57) an early work about a beggar/thief that is not what he seems . . . [mrvl]
  7. The Day After Tomorrow (aka Sixth Column)
  8. The Door into Summer (1956,57) an earlier work that talks of cats & time travel, two of RAH's favorite subjects, plus robots. [mrvl]
  9. Double Star (1956,56) centers on a broken down actor & a Martian Ambassador who become "one". Read how it happens. Received a Hugo in 1956.
  10. Expanded Universe is a collection of his (early) short stories. The first one he wrote was "Life-Line" which began his career of writing for the pulp magazines of the golden age of science fiction.
  11. Farmer in the Sky (1950,50) what else? a farmer who goes to another planet to colonize. One of his juvenile novels.
  12. Farnham's Freehold (1965,65) is about another of his favorite themes -- survival of a nuclear attack which he combines with time travel. (I just bought a nice old paperback, cover $.75) [mrvl]
  13. For Us the Living (1937) Unpublished, the manuscript was destroyed.
  14. Friday (1982) one of my all time favorites & one of his best! Still fresh today. A spy/agent story about the adventures of courier Marjorie Friday Baldwin. Too bad it's the last one. A sequel to Assignment in Eternity. Also read The Puppet Masters first. Same "old man"? [mrvl]
  15. Glory Road (1963,63) a fast-paced, satiric story of a soldier of fortune, Scar Gordon, as a knight in shining armor. Fantasy & Science. Nominated for a Hugo '63. also [mrvl]
  16. The Green Hills of Earth: Rhysling and the Adventures of the Entire Solar System
  17. Grumbles from the Grave (1989) non-fiction Virginia Heinlein, editor.
  18. Have Spacesuit Will Travel (1958,58) a juvenile novel: about children, but not just for kids. Hugo nominee 1958. Win a real, live spacesuit! See what happens next . . . [mrvl]
  19. I Will Fear No Evil (1970,70) a fascinating story of the afterlife & a sex change which gets mixed reviews, but I like it!
  20. Job: A Comedy of Justice (1984) not one of my favorites, but it makes one think and others give it rave reviews. Warning: sex & soft porn.
  21. The Man Who Sold the Moon
  22. The Menace From Earth introduces us to Podkayne of Mars
  23. Methuselah's Children (1941,58) the 'Families' were ordinary human beings, except for their extraordinarily long life spans. How do the short lifers react?
  24. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (1966,66) about the penal colony Luna revolution in 2076--led by a one-armed computer technician, an aging academic, a beautiful girl, & the sentient computer, Mike. Hugo award 1966. [mrvl]
  25. The Notebooks of Lazarus Long This is one I still need to get. I hope to get it for Christmas 96. "Notebooks" come from Time Enough for Love but the sayings are represented as full-page illuminated panels by D F Vassallo. The original is long out of print & I've never seen one, but I understand that this edition is even better since Pomegranate is best known for their calendars & art books.
  26. The Number of the Beast (1976,79,79) the book that started me collecting RAH specifically & SF in general. (Previously I was just a library rat.) The concepts are truly the work of a Grand Master. A book of anagrams & in-jokes paying homage to many of his literary heroes, fellow writers & friends by name. Warning: sex & soft porn. [mrvl]
  27. Orphans of the Sky ()
  28. The Past Through Tomorrow: Future History Stories () dubbed "future history" by John Campbell, a short-story collection
  29. Podkayne of Mars (1962,63) now in its first trade paperback edition & is the first ever complete edition with the ending Heinlein intended. The first published version is usually thought of as a juvenile, but that is not what was intended as you will see when you read the uncut version. also [mrvl]
  30. The Puppet Masters (1951,51,90) The uncut version. A great aliens-take-over-human-bodies story. {1994? movie: Robert A. Heinlein's The Puppet Masters} [mrvl]
  31. Red Planet (1949) is Mars, of course, seen from the eyes of a young man & his pet martian, which isn't just what it appears to be. {1994? animated three-part mini-series: Robert A. Heinlein's Red Planet -- VERY loose adherence to the novel. Doctor MacRae resembles Lazarus Long more than the book character.}
  32. Requiem: New Collected Works by Robert A. Heinlein and Tributes to the Grand Master Includes major novellas "Tenderfoot in Space" & "Destination Moon," which was made into the famous George Pal film. Tributes from Arthur Clarke, Robert Silverberg, & Tom Clancy. also [mrvl]
  33. Revolt in 2100 is a collection concerning the nation under an extreme & immoral religious regime.
  34. Rocket Ship Galileo (1947) juvenile novel {1950 movie: Destination Moon}
  35. The Rolling Stones (1952,52) one of his juvenile novels about the family Stone & the antics of the boys.
  36. Sixth Column (1941,49) America is invaded by Pan-Asian hordes. A secret laboratory is developing weapons to defeat them & discovers a new way of controlling energy & matter. A super-weapon is developed, but who will use it to liberate America? & how? The answers may suprise you. [mrvl]
  37. Space Cadet (1948) another juvenile novel, but DO NOT let that stop you.
  38. The Star Beast (1954,54) is another juvenile novel. This one also has an alien pet that is not what is seems.
  39. Starman Jones (1953) yet another juvenile novel. He wrote one each year for a publisher until they rejected one. Most are only juvenile because the main character is a young person.
  40. Starship Troopers (1959,59) makes a political statement & proves that SF is not just space opera, BEMs (Bug Eyed Monsters) & ray guns even if they are fighting bug-like alien monsters. {1988? Japanimation/anime} [mrvl]
  41. Stranger in a Strange Land (1961,90) What?! You haven't read it? Buy it now and read it as soon as you get it. It influenced religious cults (much to the author's chagrin). Grok it! "A Martian named Smith" The first waterbed is described by the Grand Master. This is the "author's cut" 30th anniversary trade edition -- the original manuscript had 50,000 words cut out by the publisher. also [mrvl]
  42. Take Back Your Government!: A Practical Handbook for the Private Citizen Who Wants Democracy to Work (1947,92?) an early unpublished non-fiction work. This is another one I never seen, still need & hope to get for Christmas 96.
  43. Time for the Stars (1956) juvenile
  44. Time Enough for Love (1973) a novel in his later style. Lazarus Long, the oldest person alive, is tired & ready to die, but his family has him tell his life story trying to find what he would still like to live to do -- they find it. Should follow The Number of the Beast Warning: sex & soft porn. [mrvl]
  45. To Sail Beyond the Sunset (1987) The autobiography of Lazarus Long's mother, is a mix of ideas about sex, politics, & longevity, as well as reminiscence of growing up in the midwest at the turn of the century. Should follow The Cat Who Walks Through Walls [mrvl]
  46. Tramp Royale (1949?,92) his travelogue that was not published until after his death.
  47. Tunnel in the Sky (1955) is another juvenile novel.
  48. The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag Originally published under the name John Riverside, later published under the title 6xH. [mrvl]
  49. Waldo and Magic, Inc. Two great novellas that deal with magic. Of course this is where we get the term waldo for a remote control glove.
  50. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Read Four Science Fiction Classics: Foundation: The Psychohistorians/Mimsy Were the Borogoves/the Martian Chronicles/something by Heinlein by Isaac Asimov, Henry Kuttner, Ray Bradbury, Robert A Heinlein All good stories which I have read, though which one it is by Heinlein, I don't know, but all of his are good. (I think it may be Universe...) 4 audio cassettes

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