Lowell W Lutz
14031 Somersworth Dr
Houston TX 77041-5994
Complete Résumé http://lwlutz.tripod.com/resume.html

SummaryResults-oriented proactive IT/e-Commerce Manager: Intranet Manager, Technical Programming Manager, Computer Specialist, Project Manager, Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Consultant -- Web, IT, Training, etc., Product Development, Director/Administrator.
Innovator with solid analysis, implementation, problem resolution, improvement, coordination & management skills for computer programming, database, internet, & other information systems projects.
Responsible Professional with good interpersonal skills: expertise in written and oral communication with all levels of management, staff, clients, students and researchers in the US and overseas.
Experienced System Professional - Customer Oriented - Multitasking - Adaptable - Strategic Planning - Open Systems - Client/Server Technology - Detail Oriented - Product Support - Technical Writer - Software Solutions - Deep Technical Skill - Mature Judgment - Calm during Crisis - Supportive - Team Player - Team Builder - Leadership - Creative - Analytical - Visionary - Sensitive - Internet Solution -

America's Christmas VIllage, The Woodlands, TX, 2000 - present
Start-up Real Estate/Entertainment Venture

IT/E-Commerce Director
Design and develop intranet and internet web-based products/sites.
Develop business plans, budgets, proposals, presentations, etc.

Johnston Pump Company, Brookshire, TX, 2000 - 2000
Pump Engineering

IT/E-Commerce Manager
Manage people and web-based projects and database applications.
Project Manager, develop RFP and oversee responses and contractors.

Stanford Financial Group Company, Houston, TX, 1998 - 2000
Information Technology Department

Intranet Manager
Manage people and web-based projects and database applications.
Design and develop intranet and internet web-based products/sites.

Rice University, Houston, TX, 1995 - 1998
Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC)

Technical Programming Manager
Manage people and web-based projects. http://www.nhse.org/ http://www.crpc.rice.edu/CRPC/ http://www.crpc.rice.edu/CRPC/retool/
Research and Develop web-based tools.
Web Editor for the on-line journal http://nhse.cs.rice.edu/NHSEreview/
Coordinate with collaborating teams/personnel via video conferences, e-mail, teleconferences, site visits, etc.
Coordinate training seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 1991 - 1994
Maxwell School's Center for Policy Research

Computer Specialist (Project Manager)
Led the project creating a UNIX network and the data management portion of the Aging Studies project involving two large databases.
Interfaced with the two originating panel study groups & other interested researchers in person, via telephone, fax, postal & e-mail.
Designed & created a pilot Web service for online file, document, data, & information dissemination, current site http://www-cpr.maxwell.syr.edu/

Z/Max Computer Solutions, Inc., Syracuse, NY, 1990-1991

Consultant to the CEO
Analyzed & evaluated their software product, proposed new product development ideas, support, & problem resolutions.
Demonstrated the software at COMDEX Fall 1990, NetWorld91, & other trade shows.

General Electric Aerospace, Syracuse, NY, 1989 - 1990
Ocean Systems Division (now Martin Lockheed)

Computer Programmer
Analyzed & wrote the DD-978 platform program modifications to the Program Design Specifications for the AntiSubmarine Warfare Combat System (ASWCS).
Implemented the Design Specifications for DD-978 code modifications in Display Control Computer Program.
Held a U.S. Department of Defense Secret Clearance.
Completed ahead of schedule & under budget.

Honeywell, Inc. / Bull HN, Phoenix, AZ, 1978 - 1989
Large Computer Products Division (LCPD)

Software Engineer, 1987 - 1989
Led project previously abandoned due to incomplete code, bad user interface. Examined code & determined real user requirements. Redesigned & re-coded it, coordinating with related development teams. Documented the code & wrote user manual.
Developed Run Unit Management Operating System software.

Senior Computer Operator, 1984 - 1986
Led computer operations, filled-in for department supervisor. Trained, scheduled, & filled the Computer Operator, Courier, & Librarian positions.

Computer Operator, 1982 - 1984
Operated & maintained three multi-processor Data Processing systems, two mini-computer systems, & two Page Printer Systems in a 24 x 7 department, the associated computer & peripheral equipment, computer media library (and supplies) & computer media distribution (Courier) as required. Trained & filled the Computer Operator, Courier, & Librarian positions.

Computer Media Courier & Computer Media Librarian, 1979 - 1982
Deliver/pick-up computer tapes, printouts, & other media, plus supplies. Manage computer media library, file, & find media, order supplies, etc.

Assembly Worker - Circuit Board Fabrication, 1978 - 1979
Made several company improvement suggestions. Saved the company money & increased the quality of the product. Received a cash award for two of them.

Calvary Wesleyan Church, Phoenix, AZ, 1977 - 1979
Christian Education Program
Directed and supervised a Pre-K through 6th grade education program for over 200 children. Creative scheduling of too few facilities, teachers, staff. Rrecruiting, training, & managing staff, teachers, & helpers.

Abilities & Skills

Currently serving as Elected Board member of a medium-sized not-for-profit organization. Member Property & Building committee: management & sale of current $1.6 million property & the procurement of new facilities. Member Program, Policy & Administration committee: management of staff & personnel, salaries, hiring, etc. & management of public relations.


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY Information Resources Management Masters Program
Certificate Information Systems & Telecommunications Management, Completed 1994

Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ
Computer Science Bachelors of Science Program
B.S. Computer Science, Completed 198