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Hello my friend, You may not know me, but you have at least sent me an e-mail. (Or maybe you know someone who knows me and they forwarded this along to you.) Today I come to you with something dear to my heart. I think we have all had a time when we were struggling. Financially. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. I know that we often get requests for help, for money, for time, whatever. It is often difficult to know what is worthy of our effort. I would like to begin, with this simple email, a grass roots effort to help people in real need. I propose that we help one another. You may not be able to help every time, but you can send the message on to others that may be able to help. This is not a recognized charity, just people helping people. (no tax benefits, just your own good will) To start this off, I know some people who are going to lose everything if they can not make the back mortgage payments immediately. I am currently not able to help them enough by myself, but with your help... America's Christmas Village already has in place a donation center and everything that is donated this month (and maybe longer) will go for these mortgage payments. You can find it at http://www.AmericasChristmasVillage.com Once we have taken care of this need, we will be ready to take care of another need. Please help. Any amount will help. If you want to send money by mail, the address is also there. You can make checks or money orders out to me or to America's Christmas Village, just say "mortgage payments" for the memo and we will get them to them. If you would like to be put on a mailing list for regular updates and requests, go to "contact us" at the top of the page and specify "Christmas Everyday Campaign - People Helping People" in the message. At this point we are accepting money donations only, but if the need is physical help / time, or whatever, we will attempt to help with that as well. It is all up to We The People, because this is all about "people helping people" and what you are willing to give will determine how we can help. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration, Lowell Lutz p.s. all referral commissions/fees from my below projects will also go towards the "CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY CAMPAIGN -- People Helping People" for the duration. So if you are traveling, buying books or things that Amazon.com sells, etc. and if the price is about what you had planned to spend anyway, why not let the referral commissions/fees go to a worthy cause. www.ytb.com/LWL Online Travel Store Book Travel online, just like Travelocity, etc. your favorite airline, hotel, cruise-line, car rental, etc. Also tickets to shows and events, florists, etc. Take a look and see what is available. http://anywwwhere.tripod.com Amazon.com referrals for everything Amazon sells Books, Electronics, etc. Just about everything that the YTB network does not have.

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