The Excel Phenomenon: Astonishing Success Story of the Fastest-Growing Communications Company -- and What It Means to You

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Now that you have
  1. read what other people have to say about Excel.
  2. read what Excel has to say on their web site.
  3. listened to the message at the phone # 205-969-8700
Are you willing to spend
  1. $185-250 for the first year's associate fees & marketing materials?
  2. time & effort to talk to people, sign them up as reps & customers, thwn help them do the same thing?
This does take work. But if you really want to do it still and ONLY if you really want to do it, the only thing left is to call Lowell at 713-737-5600 or complete this form & send it in. I will contact you by e-mail so we can schedule a phone call.

Once again:
Must be at least 18 years old
Available only in the USA
Serious inquiries only

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This is NOT another "Make Money Fast" scheme. (Even though you can.)
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If you'd just like to sign up for Excel long distance telephone service see:

Lowell W Lutz,
Excel Telecommunications Independent Representative