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  • If you are looking for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with good service & good rates or if you are looking for a Web Space Provider (WSP) with good service & good rates contact us.

    Work Examples, Price List & Response Form

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    Check the box(es) for the service(s) in which you are interested.
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    "Basic" Rates


    Rate A On-line: $ 60/hour, On-site: $120/hour, Area 1 $ 75/hour, Area 2 $ 90/hour
    Rate B On-line: $ 80/hour, On-site: $160/hour, Area 1 $100/hour, Area 2 $120/hour
    Rate C On-line: $100/hour, On-site: $200/hour, Area 1 $125/hour, Area 2 $150/hour

    WWWeb Page Design, Development & Test
    - Design Consultation Rate B
    - Basic HTML (plain/text) Rate A
    - Extras (CGI, Java, VB, etc. program/script) Rate C

    Graphic Design, Development & Scanning
    - Basic Scanning: $10/image or page
    - Modifications (resize, filters, etc.) Rate B
    - Animations, etc. Rate C

    Analyze & Troubleshoot existing WWWeb site

    - Design, Usability, Graphics, etc. Written and/or Oral PresentationRate C

    Software Design, Development/Programming
    - C, C++, databases, etc. Rate C

    General Computer & Business Consulting
    - Apple, Windows, UNIX, etc. & Plans, Marketing, etc. Rate B

    Research, Information Management
    -Competitive Intelligence, Business Information Gathering, Information Brokerage Rate C

    Computer & Internet/WWWeb Tutoring/Training
    - Phone Rate C (713-737-5600 half hour minimum charge, billed by quarter hour increments)
    - On-site: Rate A (per person, 10 minimum)

    Location based rates

    On-line: one hour minimum billed by quarter hour increments (includes phone, e-mail, etc.)
    On-site: 8 hour minimum/day (except Area 1) + travel & expenses Rate A On-line: $ 60/hour, On-site: $120/hour, Area 1 $ 75/hour, Area 2 $ 90/hour
    Rate B On-line: $ 80/hour, On-site: $160/hour, Area 1 $100/hour, Area 2 $120/hour
    Rate C On-line: $100/hour, On-site: $200/hour, Area 1 $125/hour, Area 2 $150/hour

    Half of the (estimated) agreed upon fees due prior to the start of the project. The balance is due as tasks are completed.

    Please note that additional fees may be added to cover services not listed here. Clients will be given all (estimated) fees before starting.

    "Basic" Pages

    The Home Page
    Main Page with links to others (starts at $240)
    Biz Card Page
    Business Card-type text only (starts at $120)
    Classified Ad
    Classified Ad-type text only (starts at $160)
    Brochure Page
    Brochure-type text & graphics (starts at $300)
    Order Page
    Order-type text & text form (starts at $200)
    Form Page
    Form to fill out & text (starts at $200)
    Graphic Creation starts at $10/graphic, see above Rates
    Update(s), see above Rates
    Quarterly Maintenance starts at $125, depends on number & type of pages, etc.

    Examples: [explanation & extras]

    Home Page Accounting Services [user provided logo & host, graphics, links]
    Biz Card Page: All Pro Painting, Robert Lopez [custom create logo & host]
    Biz Card Page: Roberto Llanas' Trim Carpentry [custom create logo & host plus an extra graphic]
    Classified Ad: Ute Creek Properties [basic text]
    Brochure Pages: Unique Custom Home Builders [scan & edit images & host, internal links]
    Order Page: Dennis Hardee's Save Money; Build Your Wealth [a single-item catalog, images host]
    Form Page: Jamie Enterprises [images non-host]
    Complete Site: Wally Westbrook REALTOR [scan & edit images & host, Home Page, Multiple Pages, internal links, Form Page, updates]
    Other Examples: Links

    Listings & Sponsorships available on our sites

    Be sure to fill in the data at the top of the page.

    Fashion, Design, Interiors, Shopping Mall/Directories:
    A CJLutz Fashion WWWeb Page with Hearts SM
    Use this Ad Form (which contains all pricing data) & please include your e-mail address & contact info.
    (fee required, see Form above)

    Real Estate Mall/Directories:
    A to Z HomeSite
    A1 Houston Texas Real Estate & Home Site
    Top search result for "houston texas real estate" with Altavista, Excite, Infoseek Guide, UltraInfoseek, LinkStar, Open Text
    (fee required, see list below)

    Financial Services Mall/Directory:
    Financial Services Unlimited
    part of the above real estate guides, as well
    (fee required, see list below)

    Shopping Mall/Directories:
    Shopping @ 1 Cybers Place
    A Mall (listing) of places to purchase goods and/or services
    (fee required, see list below)

    Prices for Link Listings

    Plain Link listing $10/month
    Includes: active link & 50 characters total
    	NOTE: any listing requires a $10 setup/change fee
    	which is waived with a minimum of $100 (us$) in
    	sponsorships/ads and/or WWWeb creation
    Options to set your listing apart. Graphics in GIF format only!
    Option 1
    Banner Ad Graphic
    	$200 per month
    includes: prominent listing on the main page
    	  banner, size 25200 pixels or less
    		i.e. 420x60
    	  active link to your WWWeb site.
    Option 2        
    Mini-graphic Logo
    	$.02 per pixel per month (first 2500 pixels)
    		(a 50x50 pixel logo button for $50/month)
    	$.01 per pixel above 2500 per month
    		32x32 minimum size or 1024 pixels ($20.48/month)   
    		200x50 maximum size or 10000 pixels ($125/month)
    Option 3
    Emphasized Text
    	$10 per emphasis per month
    		(i.e. bold, italics, color, size, etc.)
    Option 4
    Additional Text(Ad Copy)
    	$.10 per character per month
    Option 5
    	$50 per month to be at the top of the list
    Option 6
    	$20 per month to be at the top of the list

    Special Ad Packages Available (on our sites)

    Current special:More info, questions, etc.

    An invoice will be sent by e-mail once we've agreed on what needs to be done & estimates are made.

    When payment is received, work will be done & you will get e-mail to notify you as tasks are completed. (Include URL or page Title/subject on check)

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