Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Make Money Anytime & Everytime You Use Your Computer!!

You Can Make Money Anytime & Everytime Your Friends & Family Use Their Computers Too!!

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Learn how to make money while using your computer for: surfing, word processing, online time, e-mail, etc. We are seeking motivated, ambitious individuals, also lazy people, mouse potatoes, Internet addicts, people who are retired, busy, bored, broke, etc. We will show you how to produce cash income and long term residuals.

We will tell you everything you need to know!

How to Make Money!

First Step: Get paid to be on line!

That's right! They will pay you to be online and put their ad-bars on your desktop. Not only that, but you can get friends & family to sign up to and you get paid when they're online. Here's the basics on each program that I know & use. And remember: You can sign up for ALL of them! Listed in the order that I've found pays the best...
  1. SurfWindow
  2. ViewBar
  3. UtopiAd ValueBar
  4. pIggy!
  6. Mini-Portal
  7. Would you like to go on to Step Two?
Again, this is NOT just another "Make Money Fast" scheme. (Even though you can.)
It IS a good way to make money.
Thank you
Lowell Lutz
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