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Lowell W Lutz



Texas Dept. of Transportation

Webmaster, Designer, Graphic Artist, Writer

Consultant & Entrepreneur

IT, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Business, Management

Flow Products, Inc. (PACO, Johnston, & Crown: sold to new parent co.)

IT/E-Commerce Manager

Selected Accomplishments

Stanford Financial Group Company

Web Developer/Manager

Selected Accomplishments

Rice University

Technical Programming Manager

Selected Accomplishments

Syracuse University

Computer Specialist (Project Manager)

Selected Accomplishments

Z/Max Computer Solutions, Inc.

Product R&D & Business Re-Engineering Consultant

Selected Accomplishments

General Electric Aerospace

Computer Programmer

Selected Accomplishments

Honeywell, Inc. / Bull HN

Software Engineer

1987 - 1989

Senior Computer Operator

1984 - 1986

Computer Operator

1982 - 1984

Computer Media Courier & Computer Media Librarian

1979 - 1982

Assembly Worker - Circuit Board Fabrication

1978 - 1979 Selected Accomplishments

Abilities & Skills



Technical Summary

Sun	SPARCs		SunOS & Solaris	Xwindows	OpenLookWM
Apple   II & Macintosh  OS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
IBM	RS/6000		AIX		Xwindows	TWM
IBM	3090		CMS
MS	PCs		WindowsNT/95/98/2000/XP		Server2000
MS	PCs		DOS		MSWindows	Novell NetWare
DEC	VAX (250)	PDP11 & VMS
Bull	DPS 8, 88, 90	GCOS8 & GCOS6
Honeywell	Level6	UNIX
Army/Navy	AN/UYK-43B
experienced:	FORTRAN	C/C++	shell scripting	SAS	Visio	Datatrieve	VisualInterDev
		CMS-2	GMAP assembler	PL/6 (PL/1)	JCL/DCL	BASIC	VisualBasic VB
		HTML	HTTP	CGI	Java	JavaScript	PointCast	HomeSite
		MS Front Page	Active Server Pages (ASP)	VBScript	JScript
		Cold Fusion 3.2 & 4.0	Cold Fusion Studio	RealAudio/RealVideo
		ASP	MS Studio	MS Server 2000
trained in:	COBOL	Lotus/Excel	Dbase	Paradox	Pascal	Lisp
		Prolog	Object Oriented Programming/Design/Databases
		Distributed Systems & Telecommunications Management
		Business Information Resources	Strategic Intelligence

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